The Hunter’s Moon, The Bloody Show!

I laid out the salt, I poured pure H20; I abased myself to the Muses, I drank until I could no longer forego! I rubbed the spot where my blood drained, I fed until I was full…I cried to the gods with contrition- -I am ready now, spill my blood for the Bull.

I have fed until I am power-blind, I have fed until it’s no good
I have fed until my great belly aches,
I did feed till my face appears as wood!

I drank until the nerves died,
I drank till the wormwood bore rot!
I am ready for their judgement
I am ready for your cot

I taste the salt to know better
Lick the slickness to be well
Remembrance of times before
The knowledge of what comes hence

Abase myself before the gods
Amuse them with my sins
Mouth open; bearing the blood Cabal
Wide open…the Hunt now Ends.


3 thoughts on “The Hunter’s Moon, The Bloody Show!

    1. And thank u for the awesome posts! I LOVE all things Marie Antoinette, Marie Therese, and of course the grande dame herself–Marie Antoinette’s mother, The Empress! 😉


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