KRT: Threats and Bribes

On threatening and bribing the Gods…

The Twisted Rope

Bribing and Threatening the Gods: Can you do it? If you can, how so? And is it somehow ‘blasphemous’ or ‘immoral’ to do so?

For this round of the Kemetic Round Table we are discussing the nature of bribing and/or threatening Netjer and whether it is permissible or not. I’m sure for many people this might sound like a very odd topic to pick, considering that many of us were raised in a Christian mindset and/or religion where threatening god would be a huge no-no, but in truth, it was not entirely unheard of in ancient Egypt.

So that being said, the short answer to the question we are discussing is simply this: Yes, you can bribe and/or threaten netjer, it is not immoral to do so.

Let’s talk about Threats first.

According to Geraldine Pinch, there were a variety of threats that could be used against the gods as…

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