Random Dorky Blog Post – Assassin’s Creed, Sleepy Hallow and Doom

Nicole Evelina - USA Today Bestselling Author

First of all, I’m sorry to those got the unfinished version of this post earlier. Three college degrees and sometimes I still can’t get the difference between “preview” and “publish.”

Because I’m a dork, you’re getting this random blog post today. I promise you a “normal” Celtic one tomorrow. Remember how a while back I talked about being a gamer girl before I started writing? Well, old habits die hard. I just realized that the Assassin’s Creed games (which I’ve never played, but I would if I wasn’t writing novels) have amazing scores. Thank goodness for Youtube! I now have new writing music.

And on an even dorkier note, I’m in love with the new Sleepy Hollow show. (I always want to spell it Hallow as in Halloween.) But I noticed their main demon (henceforth known as the Demon in the Mirror) looked really familiar. I think someone behind the show…

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