Divination for Kids

Ozark Pagan Mamma

Before beginning divination lessons, you can be fostering your child’s intuition by paying heed to their “hunches” or “gut feelings” when they arise, and creating a safe environment for your child to express such feelings of knowing. There are also games you can use to build intuition, one of them being Zener ESP cards like the Royal Magic deck. You could also have your child start a dream journal.

The next step in the process could be learning about symbolism and interpreting dreams. It is relatively easy to find Pagan correspondence charts for interpreting symbols. You could help your child make her/his own divination correspondence chart with poster board, markers, and magazine pictures. Often symbol interpretation is an individual thing, especially when signs and visions are meant for one person. A person’s symbol associations may change throughout one’s lifetime. The initial thoughts and feelings that arise when making interpretations are…

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