Spear of Destiny

Fuck your blocked veins

To hell with your cold, deadened heart

My gender doesn’t deserve your ‘god-play,’

Puny god’s punishment, for what’s been written in the stars

Who the fuck are you, to play god?

To take our hearts out with trembling yet bloody hands,

You say you want to leave blessings!?

Yet give nothing but restrictions and demands

This world is one of free will

Most know love doesn’t work that way

Yet you would assume a mantle undeserved

Attempting to mold a woman’s days?

I call a spade a spade

Point out the fakest of the fake

Sniff the ground where a charlatan showers

Protecting the innocent from mans’ mistakes

So fuck your feelings, I don’t care

Fuck your agenda, hope now you are aware

How impossibly condescending and callous you’ve been

Go ahead and call me out – I pray to the gods that you dare

Here on out, there’s nothing more you can do to me

This point on? You matter lesser than less

Yea so what? My heart’s as wounded as yours is!

But I don’t wound those who give me their best

I won’t hurt those who just want to love me

Encompass them with dark destiny;

Though my heart’s wounded, I’m still willing to share

No restrictions or boundaries, no rules to my bed – Just open arms and open air

This air’s free of a past that no longer binds me,

That past cannot control my future with chains

Unbound, Unleashed, Unrepentant of My Sins

Without Fear…Unlike You…UNTAMED.


2 thoughts on “Spear of Destiny

  1. Wow Porsha, this and the others are really powerful and evocative pieces of prose/poetry. Thank you for sharing them. My eyes are popping out – they’re so good and wonderfully expressive.


    1. I appreciate that, more than you know. I was feeling rather rusty when I wrote them, but going through some thoughts and feelings that I needed to ‘exorcise’ some kind of way —- whenever I’ve needed to do that, poetry and prose are the answer. I’m happy t say that today, I’m much happier for it!


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