Mortal Instrument

I’m never gonna drink it in,

You never again will deserve my attention,

So angry that I sit and spin,

I know I’m just a fool

Sixth sense was working overtime,

Told me what I should have done forefront

But pheromones saw me sink, not swim

And now I’ll never the thing I most want

Doll parts, carelessly tossed in the bin

Who could spare the time for them?

Pick them up and wipe them down

‘Right’ her toppled crown?

Truth hurts, like a knife to hardened crust

Not enough tears, I’ll never cry enough

I wish this would go away, feelings first marked false, marked untrue,

I wish you’d go away, never again would I have to see you

Yet…I’m not that innocent

I’m dirtied by our little game of wills

Yeah I’m not that flawless

Blood Diamond, for which I shot to kill

Enabler of moments

That should never had come; alas

Violator of heartbreak’s curtain

To you, I should’ve taken a pass

Once bitten, never shy again

Never shy to moments stolen, unauthorized

Bite again, Bite Harder Each Time!

Each piece you bite slowly dies

I embrace it, my part in this sham

Wholeheartedly, I devote energy to its end

No longer can I float in this void

My concern is finally, eternally in the wind

Mortal Instrument, Wielder of Spirit Death

That’s the truth of it – that’s who you are

Said enough…Said in finality

Done and finished with your cold, dead heart.


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