Painting Lilith, Leaving Church by Angela Yarber

I just LOVE this emerging point-of-view so so much!!! Thank you for this, Angela! 😉

 Lilith has been a misunderstood, appropriated, and redeemed woman throughout the ages.  Many feminists claim her as an empowering figure in Jewish mythology, her story reclaimed by contemporary artists such as Sarah McLachlan, who created the all-women music tour, “Lilith Fair.”  Others have claimed that Lilith was a demon who seduced men and strangled children in the night.

Based almost entirely on Judith Plaskow’s beautiful Midrash, “The Coming of Lilith,” this new Holy Woman Icon with a folk feminist twist has empowered me to reject the sexism and heterosexism that was rendering me broken.  So, she joins Virginia Woolf , the Shulamite, Mary Daly, Baby Suggs, Pachamama and Gaia, Frida Kahlo, Salome, Guadalupe and Mary, Fatima, Sojourner Truth, Saraswati, Jarena Lee, Isadora Duncan, and Miriam as powerful women who have done holy and remarkable things.  First, her…

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One thought on “Painting Lilith, Leaving Church by Angela Yarber

  1. This is a beautiful post Angela as are the paintings and I wish you so well as you walk a new path and continue to grow.
    I too have written about Lilith as she is important to be seen in a contemporary and psychological – of the psyche – way. Her star is rising as more become aware of the significance of the Dark Feminine and the necessity of not ignoring her and bringing her out of the shadows. The book – available as an e book is called “In Praise of Lilith, Eve & the Serpent in the Garden of Eden & other stories”. I have blogged as well about her – on
    All best wishes.


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