So below are my top 10 vampyre flicks.

Who cares? Why the HELLZ am I blogging about vampyres?

Well I say why not?

My dreams have been saturated with vampyrism lately; not simply because I love TrueBlood, or Anne Rice has been off her rocker over Paula Deen or etcetcetc…No, vampyrism has always been a part of my personal theology; my personal heresy.

To understand my thoughts on vampyrism, as well as to begin discussion via this blog on how “VAMPIRES” — both psychich and phsyical, fit into my very eclectic brand of Paganism, one has to know my favourite theories on vampirism intimately (via my top 10 fave vampyre flicks)…let’s begin, shall we?:

#10: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter — Slavery justified by vampirism; a young president-to-be working to become the person who liberates not only the free world’s brand of thinking but initiates the start of the free world?

#9: Fright Night #2; c.1986 — Regine, bitter sister of Jerry Dandrige. Roddy McDowall, back for one of his final roles…poor Charlie, back again yet in denial of the retribution he’s about to receive via his dead vampire neighbor’s sister? All the makings of a great movie; moreso, an explanation of one of my personal philosophies: “Family Comes First.”

#8: Fright Night #1; c.1984 (?) — The original Fright Night, not that Colin Farrel crap that came out in 2011-ish. A vampire living with his ghoul amongst humanity. He just wants to live his life; a parallel to most of us who call ourselves Pagans.

#7: Underworld: Evolution — Celine the Death Dealer and her hybrid-lover Micheal realize that they are all alone in the fight against what’s left of the Immortals/Vampire Elders/Humans. Two against the world? I’m all about it! Damn the man; his rules and regulations…but not only that, but as a Pagan – I loved retribution coming full circle for Celine and her family. I also loved it coming full-circle for Alexander Corvinas; though his story would be one I think we’d all love to know and understand, some myths are better left just that – MYTHS.

#6: Queen of the Damned — Though this film was a trifling, SHIT version of the book (a book I’ve read so many times I’ve busted the seams, and had to repurchase THREE TIMES in the past 5 years); it gave a basic yet undetailed look at the Mother of All Vampires – the Queen of the Damned. When thinking of the reason I rejected my Christian upbringing and became a Pagan, I most often think of the idea of a Mother-Goddess. She’s an entity that saw my pain, felt it and knew my mistakes yet loved me anyway. She reminded me that I’m a part of her, a goddess in my OWN right, and that I can use my gifts as a writer to tell her stories and relay her messages as the change of consciousness comes for us all as residents of this earth. She, this nameless and faceless Goddess has reminded me that I am full of POWER — her power, the power that she gave me thru the gifts of words I possess. Though my body may have failed me via my muscle disease (Mitochondrial Myopathy, that doesn’t mean my mind or my words have.

#5: Let The Right One In — Solitude, and becoming something that is no longer remotely human is what this movie represents to me. The small child vampire in this movie hasn’t been a child in millennia from what anyone rational can tell. Yet because she’s cursed with a child’s body, she has to have a ‘keeper’ or helper of sorts. Regardless of her power as an immortal, she has no choice but to rely on a creature that she also considers food. She has to rely on something/someone weaker than her, to assist her with her day-to-day needs. This little vampire has had to learn that even she is not ‘proof’ against all things.

#4: The Lost Boys — This one represents the power of friends, united even when they’re wrong. Regardless of the issue; vampirism and feeding on innocents or otherwise, they love each other enough to back each other up. It’s what friends are for.

#3: We Are The Night — A girl looking to escape her shitty life finds an old vampiress looking to be reincarnated thru relocating and turning her true love – whom she believes reincarnated as a human. What’s this represent to me, as a Pagan? A never-ending circle; a way to come back to the beginning one way or the other – yet, we may never fix what’s went wrong the first time around, only LEARN from it.

#2: Interview w/The Vampire — The Maker, and his ‘Made’ Progeny…all he wishes to do is no longer be lonely, yet learn about the new world he’s found himself immersed in. Sadly, as a Pagan, we find more often than not that ‘would-be mentors’ aren’t always the most adaptable of peeps — when it comes to learning more about our chosen path.

#1: BRAM STOKER’S Dracula — A human, betrayed by his faith (so he thought)…He discredited and disconnected froom everything he knew in able to move forward and find something or someone who could give him back what he’d lost; his true love. What’s especially sad about this saga is that his anger was misdirected; love doesn’t die, it doesn’t change and it doesn’t stop existing just because the human form of that reciprocated love ceases to exist. Dracula looks for the love in the wrong sort of way, by infecting as many as possible with his unquenchable hunger for that love (ie. Vampirism).

Hope you enjoyed my philosophies on each of my faves; comment away, dolls!