“Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain.” — Friedrich Schiller

The Allergic Pagan

Controversy has broken loose on the Pagan blogosphere again.  This time over the suggestion that pop culture icons, like comic book superheroes, are equivalent to polytheistic deities.  It began on May 13th with a post by Sunweaver at Patheos titled “Making Light: Hero Worship” in which she compares contemporary superheroes to ancient Hellenic heroes and then a response by Norse Heathen Galina Krasskova’s who argues that unlike superheroes, heroes were real people.


Subsequently, dozens of bloggers and hundreds of blog commenters have jumped into the fray.  Much of the debate appears to be taking place on Tumblr.  There have been too many responses to summarize here.

What this discussion has revealed to me is the diversity within the polytheistic community.  I have previously written about the Pagan community in term of three overlapping circumferences: deity-centered, Self-centered, and earth-centered.  This debate has made clear to me that there are…

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