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While I’m waiting to finish something else from my to-be-reviewed pile, I thought I would emulate Polyphanes and write about the contents of my “well-thumbed pile,” my books of frequent resort. Actually, most of these books are not in a pile any more: they are in a snake-print tote bag ready to be moved from room to room or off to my home-away at Books, Beans, and Candles (yes, that’s a plug; if you visit Birmingham, you mustn’t miss it). In no particular order:

  • NEW: Christopher Warnock and Nigel Jackson, The Mansions of the Moon: A Lunar Zodiac for Astrology and Magic is outstanding. It is about the only one-stop shop for the traditional lore of the Mansions. I had been complaining about how thin the surviving lore is, and I’m still technically right to do that, but there are sources…

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