Worcester Cathedral

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A diocese was founded at Worcester in 680 and it is mentioned in the work of Bede. The first bishop of Worcester was Bosel and a cathedral was built during this time. There is no trace of this building now. In 983, St. Oswald founded a Benedictine monastery dedicated to St. Mary which superseded the earlier cathedral. The current crypt dates from this time. Prior Wulfstan was appointed bishop in 1082 and he served at Worcester under the last two Saxon kings and the first two Norman kings. He was responsible for dismantling the old Anglo-Saxon church and starting construction on the present cathedral in 1084. This building was completed in 1089.

During Anglo-Saxon times, Worcester was one of the most important monastic cathedrals in the country. Worcester remained a center of great learning into the later Middle Ages when the Benedictine monks went to university to study many…

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