Speaking in Greek.

Last night, I dreamed about the gods.

Now mind you, while most would not find this a monumental occasion, I do solely because I haven’t dreamed about them in months.

I’m telling half truths…I didn’t dream about them, I walked the dreamscape WITH Them. All that I remember at this point in the evening is that Dionysus was primarily there, along with some version of Pan. I remember the dark forrest, but not being afraid. I remember a horned, small statured man speaking to me in loud exaggerated barks that were part latin, part greek and part the language of the gods.

I remember the wild hunt beginning, and me becoming no longer the watcher Spider but the Mad Maenad…I remember hunger, and drunkenness, and absolutely NO FEAR as my spidery legs morphed into human legs and limbs. I remember digging into the dirt with my dirty, cracked and bleeding feet- -the powdery wet soil soothing me as the Pan-like creature barked and pointed his commands to me and mine. I felt the ivy tangled in my dreadlocks; hair I don’t even have.

The creature pointed at the snow-capped mountain tops, and I nodded my acknowledgment. We were going to run, and crawl and climb and fly to Dionysus- -make him proud of our strength!

…And then I was running, inhumanly fast- -Sooo fast that huge clumps of raw earth exploded from the ground in my wake. I was so excited, FEARLESS! I could not wait to fall at the feet of my god, and writhe with ecstasy just at his nearness…but as I kept running, I began to realize something…

I was never getting closer to the mountain, because he’d already devoured me. I was already inside of him, my Dionysus. He’d consumed me, as I was now trying to consume him! This running was pointless- -he’d never left me, if anything just infused me with his power by chewing me up and spitting me back out whole and renewed.

The creatures I ran with shrieked their approval in great yelps; leapt into the air and somersaulted with pleasure as my eyes became more open with the realization…that this dream wasn’t a dream but a message from my god–one of many to come, from my mixed and glorious Pantheon…

“…you were always free!”

Until we meet again…



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