Top 10 End of the World Songs

This list is many days late and several dollars short, but I couldn’t resist posting it. It was meant for the end of the Mayan calendar but oh wells…lol Here goes nuttin:

10.  End of the World (as we know it); by REM

9.  Blow; by K$sha

8.  Before I’m Dead; by The Kidney Thieves

7. Strobe; by Deadmau5

6.  The Breakup Song; by The Greg Kinnear Band

5.  Til The World Ends; by Britney Spears

4.  End of the Night; by The Doors

3.  Freebird; by Lynard Skynard

2.  As The World Falls Down; by David Bowie (the Labyrinth Soundtrack)

1.  To the One I Love; by REM