Crying Teapots

I’m a little teapot,
Short and stout
Devoid of any feelings
Complete with a smart mouth

You requested barriers,
I commanded walls
Now that I have learned the price,
Never again shall I fall

I’m a perfect sociopath,
Posing like I care
Welcome to reality
Shook you out my hair

I realized just days ago,
Confessions on a Saturday
There’s no point in vesting strong
Icebergs are the only way

Now I’ve learned that hearts are moot,
Hearts are made of stone
So I give mine to gods that come
I forever roam

Love is just a myth for saints
Love is just a tale
Smart ones learn the fatal truth
Then smart ones never fail

I sing my little nursery rhyme
I sound my warning call
Know your worth or take a risk
Dead you’ll surely fall

Keep the lock around the meat
Make the muscle slow
Colder you will start to become
Colder you will grow

Learn the combo to your lock
Memorize it’s sound
Once you become the empty shell
He’ll no longer hurt you; you’re no longer damned!