I didn’t know the true term for this practice; most excellent blog!

Fluid Morality

I celebrate many of the festivals on my path by including an execration component.    This is quite common among those of us involved with Kemetic practice – it’s something that was routinely done in Ancient Egypt and it fits nicely into a modern practice.

To execrate is to mark something as loathed or feared and execration involves taking that thing and symbolically destroying it…


Okay.  I stopped writing this post on the first of March because I got angry and had to write a lot of things about words meaning things and have debates about ethics and whether ignorance is willful or no.  Every time I try to go back to this post, something else comes up to tick me off…which made me realize that I could use my own anger in an example.

Anger is a funny thing – it comes in many shapes and sizes and runs…

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