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  1. Some rabbinical work actually does says that, about the tickling and the giggling. I vaguely remember it from Patai’s The Hebrew Goddess, which has a Lilith chapter. Silly, yes. Still part of Lilith’s lore though.

    What I have trouble with is the sheer ugliness of the picture and I’m not talking about the mentrual blood. It’s just a darned ugly picture. I have a connect to Lilith — the number of transwomen occultists and/or pagans is small, but the number of us that Lilith has approached is huge in comparison. Personally, I think the above picture would offend Her. Put that on your altar, and you just might find your life filled with chaos and a great big divination/omen/dream to “Try harder!!!!!”


    1. Thank you so much for sharing this one with me! She has called to me since I converted to Paganism, same as Aset. I feel nothing but respectful fear, sheer joy and honor- -and power when I feel her presence. Power, the strength and knowledge to know I will always be able to do what needs to be done to protect and provide for me and mine. It’s why i simply cant blindly agree with a couple of dusty old books –plain and simple.


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