I’ve not experienced a trickster yet; i have had my door kicked in and HARD by SEKHMET. This happened when i was feeling particularly low. While i feel the need to give hard truths at all times, 99% of those around me reaalllllly dont appreciate that. I also have no shame; I’ll hand out my personal truths anyday of the week. Working with Sekhmet has taught me to never let that Lion out of my heart. But I’ll admit, at times I’ve had to quickly appease that Lioness lest i go on a highhorse spree lol

Mystical Bewilderment

As I’ve said before, I’m a deity collector. I never wanted to be. I remember starting out and being new and excited, but never wanting more than a few relationships with pointed gods, namely the relationship I have with Sekhmet. I never wanted to incorporate anyone else into my practice, in all honesty; I wanted to be a “Sekhmet kid for life.” And while I am that, I have had my “phone number listed.” Due to this, I don’t usually have a lot of choice in whether or not gods come a-calling, although I have a lot of choice in whether or not I allow them to hang about or I actively begin cultivating relationships with them. Here are the stories of two “trickster deities” and my choices therein.

A good year and a half prior to my relationship with Hekate, Hermes had been pulling his King Troll Extraordinaire routine…

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