The mood is red hot
Turning my blood to buckets of black fire
Set the water to the level of boiling rain
The urge to crawl out of my own skin is most dire

If I could taste you now
This night would be complete
DAMNED Mortal Coil!
Beating me senseless, this inner heat

Give Me YOU!
Like always, you’ll make me beg
I’d suffer childbirth to get you outta my head

How I despise you
Of this, you should be aware
Close my eyes and I still smell you
Close my eyes if I dare

Sucking my fingertips
Just to leave nails intact
Oral fixation
Your scent causes panic attack

Is this what hell is like?
No Black Dog to keep watch?
This eternal warning
Like the ticking hands of some clock

I look in the mirror
I see myself; naked, bared
Your white hands glowing, fresh into view
They proceed to tango in my hair

I wish you would feed me
My last conscious thought as you appear
I lament that you always please me
As your teeth set deliberately into my ear

I wish I could hate you
I mouth these words silently at your touch
I wish I could kill it
This Love, this love like lust

I always betray you
I think this as you wrap me tight
I love to betray you
When the dark returns to daylight

I’ll forget you all over
You Nod, you smile like you know
I won’t even acknowledge you
Now get on with it; dog and pony show

You never make a sound
Only my screams I continue to hear
Filled once more with knowledge
Brought once more to tears

…they never spill
My last known thought as we join
Pleasure IS Addiction
And I ALWAYS Cum, Bearing Coin.