Private Life

In the Darkness of beginning night,
The confusion of what should be,
I gave him my little black heart,
Then I gave him my little jewel; perfection like one from Tiffanys!

When alone now, I can hear his voice
When alone I can feel his touch
His perfume comes out of my throat
His decorum now my personal musts

You are the smell of the foliage in early morning
You are the scent of JackFrost in the night
You are the taste of fresh blood from my fingertips
The salty warmth that is proper offering to his might

I could go carousel out in the wilderness
I could walk barefoot into a field
I could run melee up on the hill
I could fall face down, disbelief that it’s real

But it’s moot when the warmth crawls my bones
All forgotten when I find clearing past the brush
I lay eyes on the God who has come
Fall to his feet, finality in humanity- -my immortality has begun.