Burn Me.

Burn Me
…so that I may never feel again
Burn Me
I cannot stand it, this need to pretend

Burn Me...
Sear my skin till it’s toughened meat
Burn Me!
Hardened shell; too thick for teeth!

Burn Me
Because I cannot stand to wait
Burn Me
Until these visions finally abate

I cannot do this anymore
Fuck these tears; such a bore!

…crisp now
Silent smoke a comfort still
Incapable of love; vacuum-sealed

The sweet salvation of the dead
Mausoleum dust
Battered Soul now quietly at rest

Begging ceased
Cords are quiet, void of sound
Body naked in the ground

Embers slowed
Fresh concrete smell mixed with wet earth
Claws part the crust
I am no longer ashes & dust

We meet again
I’ve been reborn, walls high & thick
I see your eyes
…finally nothing, you got your wish

Burn Me, I begged
Bottle cracked open-Genie complies
Burn Me, it read
My final letter, no heart there to be bruised

‘Burn Me?’ You’ll say
Innocent question, great big surprise
“Burn Me,” I’ll state
I’ll keep on going, you’re just another guy.