Peaceful Awakenings: Reflections of Egypt

So some folks have started up a thing called the Kemetic Roundtable, to discuss some basic ideas and give people a sense of the breadth of the religious community that actually exists out there and let new folks orient themselves accordingly. And this is a fantastic idea, so I am joining in, though – as usual – I’m running late. The first topic for the roundtable is ritual purity, and that link should take you back to the compilation with everyone’s contributions.

Ritual purity is hard to talk about, actually, in significant part because a lot of people don’t have a context for the concept of purity that is actually healthy. (I think it was a post on the Slacktivist blog I read recently for my time-addled value of “recently” that noted that in common discourse, just about the only thing people mean when they say “purity” is…

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