carrying their light

This is a contribution to the Kemetic Round Table’s discussion on Ritual Purity. For more information on this new project, go here!

As a Kemetic Orthodox priest of purity (a W’ab priest), it would be easy for some to assume that since I work with purifications and purity, I therefore have an objective scale of what is pure and what is not. I want to clearly dispel that notion from the beginning: I’m not an expert in anything at all. The truth is, in my experience, purity is not cut and dry. It isn’t something that can be measured, like weight or height, nor is it binary. Purity is dependent on individual circumstances, and exists on scale of “greater” vs. “lesser”, rather than “yes” vs. “no”.

In my practice, a person is ritually pure if they have undergone ritual purifications. Some purifications are more rigorous than others. There are…

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