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Statue of Alfred the Great in Wantage (Photo credit: Philip Jelley)

I’m compelled to write about Alfred the Great today. Alfred was King of the West Saxons from 871-899. At the end of his reign he was considered King of the Anglo-Saxons, the greatest ruler in England.

When I hear someone use the term “Dark Ages”, I become a little annoyed. Without even talking about the exquisite, grand and long lasting cathedrals that were built in the later Middle Ages, there are some shining beacons of civilization from this early era. Alfred was one of them.

He was a brilliant military tactician. The Vikings had been attacking England for many years. Alfred fought alongside his brothers before he was king and later in his reign against the Viking threat. At one point, early in his reign during the fighting, Alfred was forced into exile from the Vikings. He settled on…

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