In Isis Magic, the “Ritual of Becoming the Beloved of Isis,” the initiatory rite for the Prophetess or Prophet of Isis, involves three priestesses who takes the roles of Isis, Nephthys, and Tayet. Why is Tayet—a much less well known Goddess than either Isis or Nephthys—part of this important ritual?

In the rite, the prospective prophetess or prophet symbolically dies, is mummy wrapped, and is eventually reborn as the Beloved of Isis. Since Tayet is the Linen Goddess Who weaves the mummy wrappings, it is fitting that Her priestess be part of the rebirthing.

Yet the connection between Isis and Tayet is more interesting than that.

As is true of many of the Egyptian Deities, scholars are unsure as to the origins of the worship of Tayet. Judging by Her name alone, it may be that She was first worshipped in the lower Egyptian “weaving town” of Tayet. As…

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