The Allergic Pagan

When I left the Mormon church, I felt a strong need to justify myself.  A Mormon can request to have their name removed from the church records by putting the request in writing.  You don’t have to state your reason, but I wanted to, so I wrote a lengthy letter (10 pages) itemizing my issues.  I had issues with Mormon dogma (specifically is patriarchy and its Christology) and with the LDS Church’s failure to come to terms with the less shiny parts of its history.  Later, the list grew.  Although I styled it a statement of beliefs, it was really a statement of non-beliefs: 25 single-spaced pages of me disagreeing with Mormon doctrine and policy in 10-point font.  I’m glad I got it out of my system.  At the end, though, I included a list of 9 things that were big question marks for me.  I titled it:

“What I…

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