Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge

I was looking at today’s post by Carolina Gonzalez on her Moon Camel Bazaar Blogshowing her beautiful altar arrangement to Our Lady of Guadalupe, whose feast day was just this past December 12th. I was commenting how this Christianized Goddess was originally a native American (near what we now call Mexico City) Goddess of a mountain top called Coatlaxopeuh and that I had read somewhere (sorry i cannot remember the source) that she was originally depicted as standing upon serpents, and when the Catholics painted her icon they covered those up with the crescent moon and those little cherub angels underneath her. I am not going to get into the whole long story as you can just hit the links above to learn the basics. Warning – there is some partial artistic nudity in some pictures.

defending_children2_lGuadalupe Slaying Dragons

coatlaxopeuh_largeCoatlaxopeuh over Quetzalcoatl

Saint Michael (3)Archangel Michael slaying the…

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