Lucus Antiquus

Alright, so.  I’ve kind of given up on the Pagan Blog Project for the rest of the year.  It’s nearing the end of the alphabet (today’s was a Y post), and I can not think of anything to write for the final few.  I’m also so far behind (I’ve still got tons of letters to write) that I think it’s best to stop for now.



The PBP is scheduled to start again, for a second time, in January.  And with it, I’ll restart the PBP for this blog.  I’ll finally have the chance to start at the beginning as the project itself is beginning, and HOPEFULLY go all the way through.

There won’t be any repeat posts, either – everything will be on a different topic than this year’s PBP.  And I’ll probably end up writing some posts ahead of time, so I’ve got them on hand for…

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