Because I’m Not a Jerk.

I’m a little upset.

It’s been awhile since I posted directly here, but that’s simply because I love to use my WordPress to promote *others* works along with my works that share via other websites, like ColumbiaFAVS// of Eve, etc etc.  But I felt it necessary, after an occurence that happened today to post directly — in order to clarify some things.

…I would *Never* reblog in order to post off someone else’s work as my own. I consider reblogging a way to share precious information from reliable sources in the Pagan community — because there are so many pagans of all creeds that I know personally, that have no idea the outlets available to them.  Being one of these persons, who is trapped in the bible belt of America with little-to-no outlet — when I find a reliable source of thought-provoking information, I become ecstatic with joy and the need to share that information with my peers.

Today, someone I had really respected as an author got snappy with me over a few reblogs — as I was in the middle of a reblog ORGY, i hadn’t even noticed their comments until I’d finished my session.

While my apology is heartfelt for the misunderstanding (they asked me somewhat vehemently not to reblog without their permission, then proceeded to threaten me as I hadn’t seen any of their comments yet but had reblogged several pieces) — I find it very odd that their posts aren’t set to private, nor is the option of password-protect enabled?  If you didn’t want your posts shared or enjoyed mutually via other sites or means — why even blog them openly?  Why not make your blog private, or by invite only?

Perhaps it’s just hard for someone like me, who lives their life WAY out loud with my freak-flag flying nonstop, to understand someone who’s *that* secretive or possessive.

As a solitary, I can understand the need to keep your gods and your practices or worship of them, to yourself.  I guess I just don’t understand, as a Pagan or a person, why one would get their hackles rose in such an immediate way when someone is only trying to honor their words and relay their respect of them by sharing them with others?

I dunno.  I guess what I have to understand is that not everyone is as free-spirited as me.  Regardless of the person’s background or hangups, I don’t believe in being rude OR **threatening** someone all over some words on paper (or a keyboard!)  It’s just not that serious.

In the end — I removed this person’s reblogs from my site; stopped following their blog and unliked their posts.  I don’t need that kind of mojo in my mojito, so to speak.

To all the writers out there, on WordPress or otherwise whose works I’ve reblogged and shared — I just want you to know that when I’ve reblogged your works it’s because they’ve genuinely touched my heart in one way or the other.  They’ve stirred something in my psyche or soul, or triggered an effect in my mind that has gotten me to think above and beyond about the world around me in one way or the other. And I thank you for the option to share that with others.

PS — if you would rather I did not reblog your works without your permission, please feel free to email me directly and I will most certainly stop.  No need to threaten; out of respect I’m happy to comply.

I hope everyone’s week has gone well.  I’ll be sharing some poetry soon….and get back to my own writing, after the first of the New Year!

Love and Light,


6 thoughts on “Because I’m Not a Jerk.

  1. Dear i am sorry that guy was such an a-hole. You are very open with your reblogging, always notifying the person you blog from to let them know. The way i look at it we bloggers are from all over the world, so having someone pass it on even farther is great exposure. Just keep doing what you are doing as it is totally legal and ethical and exposes us to new blog pages we would have not otherwise run into. For me just reblog anything i post at my two sites, and it is not necessary to even tell me as i go to your blog every day and can see what you have passed on.


    1. Hey Sweets,
      Thanks so much for the feedback. It’s always ever been my passion to find and expose to those new pages (like yours!) that have such rad shit to say. It let’s me, if no one else, know that I’m not alone in how I feel, think, and rationalize the world around me. Everything I read from everyone of you, adds to my awareness of the big-wide world around me and endears me even more to your written words.

      Love & Light — Have a Great Week!


  2. I clicked through from your reblog link in someone else’s comments page, because I’m often curious about other people who follow the same blogs I do and I want to see what they have to say in their own space. Context established….

    As far as I can tell, “reblogging” is a relatively new thing in blogland–I think it was just added to WordPress relatively recently–and it’s somewhat fraught. I’ve seen at least one person specifically ask that people not reblog their content. For some people, I think the sentiment is, “If I wanted my work reblogged, I’d put it on a fricking Tumblr.” And currently, to the best of my knowledge, there’s no way to disallow reblogging in WordPress, which angers people who prefer to have control over where and how their work reappears.

    (Honestly, it probably would bother me too if somebody reblogged a whole series of entries from my site all at once, especially with no personal commentary or other added thought. It’s not the sharing of my gods or practices that would bother me–not at all. I have a blog because I want to share those things. It’s not about privacy. It’s about my *words,* or, if there are images, my photos. If the offended party is who I suspect it is, he’s a published author, so this may be a particular hot-button issue for him.)

    I don’t think you’re a jerk. And the other person probably could’ve been a lot nicer. But this whole issue ties into the old, old (in Internet years) clash between “information wants to be free!/I can do anything I want with this because it was posted on the Internet” and “somebody put effort into this–they should have the last word on where and how it’s used, and for what recompense.” Reblogging feels very…cavalier about those boundaries. And again, it’s new. So people can be touchy.

    The safe way to show your appreciation for an awesome post is simply to post a link, saying “Check out this great post about X.” Or contact the blogger directly to ask what their policy on reblogging is, if it’s not visible on their site. I think the author would be way, way more delighted to hear from you about how strongly the post affected you and that you’d like to share it with others, instead of just getting an automatic reblog comment, which I’m guessing can be made with a click or two and no personal connection at all.

    (Hmm. Makes me think that I should formulate a reblogging policy and post it on my site.)


    1. Thank you for your kind words and especially your feedback, Shefyt. And I agree – there is no way possible that we can stop reblogging, though we can make our blogs & blog posts private and/or password proteced — for wha it’s worh! lol On a side note, yes the author is a published and well known at that; as am I. So I can completely understand the need to know and follow where our written word goes. I can also understand getting PO’d if someone doesn’t take note of that need quick enough or at all here at WordPress. I guess where I got a little bent, was the fact that the Internet is *NOT* sacred; it’s a buyer beware type of place and every writer worth their salt knows that. If you put it out there — it’s out there, for the world to see and remember for all time. Knowing that, I find it hard to maintain any blog, be it personal or otherwise without noting that one way or the other those particular words will escape me one way or the other…regardless, it’s our right as writers to say and do as we please in regards to our works. Just politely. lololol
      Brightest Blessings, Doll…


    1. thanks hon — me too! also, loving your blog — i’ve always found tiaras, and in particular royal and/or royal family jewel & tiara collections bloody fascinating! I’m a total history buff, and enjoy looking at centuries of history in the form of jewels; so awesome!


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