Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge

The Haunted History of Das Verflucht Schwarze Haus or The Cursed Black House compiled from historical sources and local legends.

I am not a writer, but enjoy this twisted llittle tale from my imagination. Photographs and Story ©GLHoke 2012.

southsideDas Verflucht Schwarze Haus

maplewellThe sealed Well and Old Maple Tree

Preface – This Blair Witch themed and Lovecraftian styled fictional story was written after a day of walking through an old cemetery, running into a large black dog there, exploring a very old stone house, and finding a heart shaped willow wreath decorated with dried thistle flowers and a purple glass marble on the property. The real name of this town and historical house have been changed, and the photos altered so as to not give away its true location. I took these photos on a tour of the house by the realtor with hopes of buying…

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