carrying their light

Khonsu has been particularly present in my life lately, with work for me to do. His instructions mostly consist of common sense practices – little things to keep the connection between Netjer and myself going. For example: I now say good morning to my gods and my Akhu. I also finally came up with a simple, repetitive prayer for my prayer beads, which works as something to recite meditiatively.

I am finding that He waxes and wanes, like the moon. As it grows fuller, He grows softer and warmer with me. As it grows thinner and crescent-like, He becomes sharper, more like a blade, tearing out my pains. He has many sides traditionally: He is a child deity, with Mut and Amun-Ra, but He is also a powerful magician ruling over exorcism and the driving out of Unseen enemies. I have never felt His presence as a child, but now…

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