I day – Noumenia- Νουμηνία

“The most sacred of all days”

Sacred to Apollo Noumenios, Zeus, Artemis Noumenia, Hera, Hermes, Hecate and to all the Household Gods.

Sacrifices, purifications, libations, banquets and singing of hymns are some among the distinctive features of the first day of the lunar month.

Banquet of Noumeniastai; Epimenia.

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II day- Δευτέρα Ἱσταμένου

The second day of the month is sacred to the Agathos Daimon and to all Heroes and Daimones. (Hesych. Suda s.v. Agathou Daimonos; Anecd. 209.14; Plut. Mor. 270A)

It is…

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