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Naturalistic Paganism

Ancient Hellenic Pagans didn’t acknowledge conflict between science and religion.*

Yet we are quite familiar with their old myths: Homer and Hesiod have left us an immortal poetic heritage, full of  woo and unlikelihoods, where the Gods are more hysterical and petty than a spoiled child. Why were the Greeks worshipping terrible Gods like these? They were supposed to be smart people! At first I could not understand but then (perhaps… I hope so!) I realized my mistake:


I had to forget the idea of a historically founded religion, when Random Guy in flesh and blood starts his own religion and declares the rules, and I also had to forget the idea of a holy book contaning the Word of God in saecula saeculorum amen, with gruesome punishments for heretics who choose other paths. These things did not exist in Greek Paganism…

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