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IANA scholar of religion, but it seems to me that one large difference between Wicca and many other religions is that modern (at least) Wicca doesn’t look to separate people out into groups. You know: the saved vs. the damned, the elect vs. everyone else, those who are able to reach a state of disattachment vs. those who aren’t, followers of Mohamed vs. infidels, those who are the chosen people and everyone else.

I think that early Wicca — still attempting to imagine a religion different from monotheism, different from the Christianity which was all that most early Wiccans really knew — fell a bit into the trap. Thus, the insistence that one had been initiated into a coven with a lineage all the way back to the Bronze Age. That made you a REAL Witch, while someone who read some books, developed a daily practice, and went into the…

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