Humanistic Paganism

– by B. T. Newberg

The following Samhain ritual is an attempt at developing an order of ritual rooted wholly in naturalistic perspectives.  The language of the script emphasizes non-metaphysical, natural terms and processes.  It’s broad enough to work for any kind of Spiritual Naturalism.  At the same time, it avoids language that is unnecessarily exclusionary, so that non-naturalistic guests of other persuasions may feel comfortable.

A key symbol is the Center, a term ambiguous enough to invite interpretations rich and multiple, while also naturalistic enough to fit current scientific conceptions of nature.  For example, it may symbolize hubs of the local community or ecosystem, fractal radiations, stellar systems, or even the omnicentric origin point of the Big Bang (which, marvelously enough, is everywhere).

Another key symbol, or rather set of symbols, is the triad of Nature, Community, and Mind.  This triad, discussed in detail in a

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