The Allergic Pagan

John P. Dourley is my favorite interpreter of Jung.  Author of numerous books on Jung, including A Strategy for a Loss of Faith, The Psyche as Sacrament, and On Behalf of the Mystical Fool: Jung on the Religious Situation. You can read a couple of his essays online: “The Foundational Elements of a Jungian Spirituality” (Scribd) and “Jung and the Recall of the Gods” (.pdf).  My favorite, however, is his book, Goddess, Mother of the Trinity (1991).  Unfortunately the book is out of print and hard to find in libraries.  I was fortunate enough to track down a copy at the Chicago Public Library.  So I thought I’d give a summary of it here.

Following Erich Neumann, Dourley offers a Jungian interpretation of “the Goddess” which equates the archetypal Mother Goddess with the unconscious.  The unconscious is defined as that “unlimited and creative largess”…

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