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Are you aware of green burial options?  Antal introduces us to two today: promession and resomation.  – editor

Today, our after-death disposition choices in the U.S. are almost exclusively limited to cremation and burial.

When most people think of burial, they think of full-casket funerals in a conventional cemetery with an embalmed body, suits, flower wreaths, and a gravestone. All of this can be expensive and environmentally unsound.

Cremation, often a far more cost-effective choice, is more popular today than it has ever been before, accounting for about 40% of dispositions nation-wide. In the last few years, perhaps in reaction to the exorbitant costs of conventional funerals, as well as an increasing public awareness of the environmental impact of death, there has been a small but noticeable shift to more affordable, less ecologically impactful processes, such as green burial, and home funerals.

Furthermore, two novel forms of disposition are on…

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