The Allergic Pagan

The Wild Hunt arrived here in Chicago-land region this week.  We had one beautiful warm day, and then the wind came and the cold.  All the leaves were swept off the trees in one day.  Just in time for our family mid-Autumn celebration.  Not to mention that the days are getting noticeably darker, a process which will be accelerated by the shift back to Standard Time next Sunday.

I love it when the weather actually cooperates with my plans for family rituals.  Ideally, the seasons would be turning our Wheel and not the other way around.  I’d like to celebrate the beginning of fall when my kids first notices the geese flying south or the beginning of spring when they first notice the buds on the trees, but the practicalities of scheduling a busy family make that difficult.  We always celebrate on weekends for this reason, but that means…

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