Adventures in Vanaheim

Almost half an hour before Hallowe’en starts officially (as of this writing), so I thought that to get into the spirit (lol pun) of things I’d write a post on vampires, because I don’t like werewolves and zombies are getting old already.

I don’t think any other creature has undergone the number of image changes that the vampire has over the centuries. Waaaay back when you had monstrous formerly-dead people who rose from the grave to suck blood. Apparently at one point (according to one of my professors) Catholic and Orthodox churches competed with each other by assuring the public that their church could best protect them from blood-sucking fiends.

These days though, we’ve gone from seeing the vampire not as a super-powered zombie with a case of hematolagnia and more as a brooding romantic type who actively tries to avoid becoming a blood-sucking fiend. Some like to call them…

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