Shan Jeniah's Lovely Chaos


I am passionate about

The triangle of freckles under

My son’s left eye.

And the tiny

Off-center birthmark

On my daughter’s nose.


I am passionate about

Learning myself

What lies within,

Without, how

I touch the world

And where I

come from.


I am passionate about

That spark in his eyes

The ticklish caress of his beard

The way his big broken hands

fit mine, and journey so


across my skin.


I am passionate about

The run of words and ideas

The silent speech of bodies

Emotions expressed and sensed

And the all-encompassing


To learn you.


I am passionate about

My wild waves of silvering hair

my tempestuous eyes, my dimples,

My utter lefthandedness, my

Caesarean scars, the little

Laugh lines he thinks

Make me more sexy.


I am passionate about

The warmly rolling hills

The winding half-feral road

The wildfire of…

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