Maybe this is true, as well, of many professions, but, in my humble experience, writers tend to both recognize and support others’ good writing when they see it while, at the same time, feeling an almost blind, grasping, desirous jealousy when they see a perfectly-turned phrase. Well, at least when we’re honest. And, to be honest, if we were honest people, we’d honestly have found some honest profession instead of becoming writers — that most facade-laden, smoke-and-mirrors dependent, Gemini-influenced way of scrabbling out a living and a life. (Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. Hello! Over here! Notice me! Notice me!)

One thing that good writers can do is be objective about their own abilities. (Good Witches, too.) I’m a really solid A- legal writer, legal writing being a sub-sub-sub speciality and one where, lucky moi, the one-eyed woman is Queen. And I’m generally…

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