Lucus Antiquus

I’ve noticed that most Reconstructionist religions have lists of virtues that can serve as guidelines for the behavior of the individual practitioner (and, in some cases, the community as a whole).  Asatru has the Nine Noble Virtues, Hellenismos has the Delphic Maxims and Tenets of Solon, Kemetics have principles of upholding Ma’at…I think I can add Wicca into the mix as well, though it’s not (always? really?) reconstructionism – but they have the Rede.

And the Religio Romana has, of course, Roman virtues.

Before I dive into this, I want to add a little disclaimer.

Well, alright, it’s not really a little disclaimer.  The thing is, the virtues are by no means of the same ilk as the Ten Commandments and stuff like that.  By that, I mean that if you aren’t as virtuous in one or more aspects, Iuppiter won’t come down out of the sky and smite you…

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