The Allergic Pagan

Recently Teo Bishop wrote a wonderful post about his experience of doing ritual in nature.  (Sometimes I think I should rename this blog “What I think about awesome things Teo Bishop has said”.)  Anyway, in his post, Teo writes that when he performs a certain ritual indoors in the city, he lifts his hands toward the ceiling and imagines that he is feeling the warmth of the sun.  He imagines that his feet have become roots, extending into the earth, far down into the underground waters.  However, recently, he performed the same ritual outside, standing next to a reservoir under the morning sun.  He writes:

“So I lifted my hands up to the sky, and when I felt the warmth of the sun — the actual warmth, and not the imagined warmth — I was taken aback. I opened my eyes and I saw the water. The actual water…

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