The reason there was no post yesterday was because we were visiting the “Tutankhamon & the Golden Pharaohs” museum show in Seattle.

So thought I’d share some photos with you for the post today. As you might expect given the title, it was mostly about the royal families and the shining treasures found in Tut’s tomb. It was wonderful to be able to see some of these very famous pieces in person…and be able to photograph them.

One of the interesting stipulations regarding photography, besides the common no flash rule, is that you can’t pose with the artifacts. I’ve not seen this rule in US museums before. But if it’s for the same reason as we learned in Delphi, then I most wholeheartedly agree.

When we were visiting the museum at Delphi, Adam wanted to take a picture of me with the omphalos. As we did, a museum guard came…

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