The Allergic Pagan

Over at Patheos, Star Foster has divorced herself from Jesus Christ.  While this is more of a public announcement by Star of what was a more private divorce that happened years ago, it got me thinking about my own divorce from Christianity.

I remember reading in The Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels about a secret Gnostic sacrament called apolytrosis (release).  The Gnostics believed that Christians worshiped the false god, the Demiurge, and by attaining gnosis they came to know their true spiritual parentage.  According to Pagels, in the ritual, the Gnostic candidate addressed the Demiurge directly “declaring his independence, serving notice that he no longer belongs to the demiurge’s sphere of authority and judgment”.

When I read this, it inspired me to write my own apolytrosis sometime around 2004.  I share part of it below.  (I have omitted some of the cathartic Luciferian elements — that’s for another…

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