The Allergic Pagan

I’ve been thinking about grace and humility lately. Last Sunday in the Spirit Circle discussion group at my local UU congregation, we were talking about who to credit/blame for the good/bad in our lives. The Christian in our group shared his belief that, whenever his life goes wrong, he knows he has done something wrong, and whenever something good happens, he believes it is God’s blessing. He actually referred to the “Footprints” poem. (I think I rolled my eyes involuntarily.)

His comments made me think a weird little movie called Julian Po, starring Christian Slater which I saw years ago. One part of it stuck with me. In the movie, Slater’s character is asked by the local pastor (who is having a crisis of faith) if he believes in God, and Slater’s character responds: “Somebody has to apologize.” Heaven, he says, is where God apologizes. And if God doesn’t…

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