Aspis of Ares

I couldn’t really put this post off very much longer. The similarities and connections run deep. There were also some very interesting links between the two gods that surprised me. Here’s some of the things I’ve found out.

Ares is actually a forebear of Dionysos.

Dionysos’ parentage is most commonly attributed to Zeus and Semele. Semele is the daughter of Kadmos, king of Thebes, who slayed Ares’ drakon at the sacred spring. As you may know, Kadmos served Ares for a period of a ‘great year’ (8, I believe), after which he made peace with the god by marrying Ares’ own divine daughter, Harmonia. I find it logical then to find that Dionysos is in fact Ares’ great grandson, which will show later in much of Dionysos’ behavior.

Ares and Dionysos are both “outsiders”.

Like Ares, Dionysos is often depicted in residing outside of mainland Greece for great lengths of…

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