Mystical Bewilderment

I hit on this, briefly, in my Ma’at posting for this project. I explained that when it comes to the Negative Confessions, we as human beings cannot look to them in the frame of mind of a Christian or Muslim. We cannot look to these words and say, “These are the commandments these ancient peoples used to live by.” This is a deep untruth and it’s perpetrated by numerous people. I, myself, have been both the victim of it and guilty of it. I believed for years (until recently) that when I was looking at the Negative Confessions, they were the laws that all humans of ancient Egypt abided by. I looked to these 42 sayings and saw the discrepancies between the different websites, the different books, and chalked it up to mistranslations. Or perhaps, the wording was out of order. But this was never the case. What they don’t…

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