carrying their light

Lately I’ve found myself more challenged by feminism than in the past.

I do not and cannot call myself a die-hard feminist. I’m not an activist. I am a quiet supporter, who still indulges in mainstream media while acknowledging how problematic such institutions can often be. I have friends and acquaintances who are heavily involved in the modern feminist movement, however, and during a discussion about religion I felt the unasked question: how does my religion line up with femknism?

As far as dogma and structure, Kemetic Orthodoxy treats women with equality unquestionably; with women as priests and a woman as our founder and Nisut, it would be hard to imagine otherwise. We do practice menstrual taboos, which can be tricky, but the understanding is not that menstruation is “icky”, but that blood loss of any form should be treated with care. (I may be a fledgling feminist, but I…

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