Tonight we work the Ritual of the Twelve Hours of the Night. From sundown to sunup, a few of my beloved friends—who are most kind to undertake this ordeal this with me—and I will be in ritual. On one hand, we are test-driving this new ritual (and making corrections) for the new edition of Isis Magic. On the other hand, we are undertaking the rite in earnest—and I will be the initiate. I find myself rather nervous. It’s a big ritual. Here’s an excerpt from the introduction to this rite:

About the Rite: In addition to the Book of Coming Forth by Day, the Coffin Texts, and the Pyramid Texts, there were other ancient Egyptian texts that served as guides to the Otherworld. Two of the most important are known as the Amduat (“What is in the Duat”), and the Book of Gates

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