The Informed Pagan

Ride The Tiger Of Innocence

Dark September my soul lays siege to your heart,
Yet I am a flightless bird doomed to watch as others fly away.
Still I am not alone, for I have destiny embraced within my inner eye,
And my soul, less the tumult of my sorrow,

Breeds new destinies beyond the limits and crashed perspectives, dreams and burned hopes.

Awakened is the Tiger of Innocence,
Explosive are its claws and it clings fiercely onto destinies wild rump,
And rides into the dangers and mishaps allotted.

Fierce-some are its teeth, sleek its body.
Young but old, wild but free.
With the wisdom of a thousand lives in a young soul.
Blazing like the Sun through the one thousand adventures of this souls destiny,
With a maddening scream of fierceness and terror for all that would get in its way.

For I am alive,
And alive I’ll be…

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